Dry cleaning back in the 60s

In the 60s, the textile care industrywas made up of independent dry cleaners, who offeredhigh qualityservice aimed at affluent customer, complex and unclear rates, not to mention excessively long delivery times.

The arrival of 5àsec into the market

5àsec opened its first branches in 1968, based on a genuinely innovative concept: to provide dry cleaning and laundry services, with not only a good quality/price ratio, in order to be affordable and accessible to everyone, but also clear-cut rates - applying only 5 different prices (hence the '5' in 5àsec) - not to mention quick delivery.

A breathtaking development

Since then, 5àsec has experienced a rapid and successful development, as a result of a timely launched commercial offering the line with the evolving requrements of customers. Operating today in 30 countries around the world, the group started its expansion in France , by opening stores all across the country, before successfully breaking into international markets, either directly or through master franchising.