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Every stain has a solution

5àsec treats all your stained items with care after an expert diagnosis while preserving the nature of your textiles.

Our teams of experts carry out first and foremost a diagnosis of your items, the stains embedded in your clothing are carefully inspected and removed before being washed or cleaned.

Stains are first and foremost manually removed with appropriate products according to the nature of the stain and the textile.

As regards the toughest stains such as grease or blood stains, our teams never apply more than three stain removal cycles to avoid any risk of damaging the fibre or causing colour damage.

Drop off your items with confidence, our teams of experts will find out the solution to restore your items to “like new” condition.

5àsec advices

Say no to the stain remover spray offered by the waiter. It may cause a ring, or worst still, set the stain.

Instead, notify us of the nature of your stains when dropping off your items and follow our tips and advice.